• Laminate Veneer:

It is a leaf porcelain veneer applied to the front parts of the teeth by slightly rubbing the tooth surfaces. Laminate Veneer is an application performed for teeth that do not have an aesthetic appearance, such as crooked, intermittent, broken, small, and yellow colour. It is the procedure that can be performed quickly, and minor intervention to the dental tissue is performed. In this way, the tooth structure is protected. Thanks to their light transmission feature, they are not distinguished from natural teeth and do not change color.

  • E-max Veneer:

E-max veneers are a stylish way to keep crooked or inadequately sized teeth looking straight. The type and material of the veneers are a vital factor to consider if you are considering a smile makeup look with veneers. Several brands and veneer materials on the market, and IPS eMax veneers are one of the best. This unique material offers several advantages. It is lighter and thinner than traditional dental porcelain. It means that a comfortable fit can be achieved while shaving less of the natural tooth. It is also significantly more robust.

  • Zirconium Crowns:

Zirconium crown is a unique white metal. It is very high quality and durable material used in the infrastructure of the tooth with a porcelain cap. Thanks to its light transmittance feature, a natural appearance is obtained just like regular teeth. The enamel of healthy teeth transmits light ultimately.

  • Porcelain Crowns:

A porcelain-fused-metal crown is high, robust durability, and is kept oral health care safe. Porcelain is covered on the metal infrastructure. However, the paint used to cover the metal makes this porcelain look more saturated, which adversely affects the natural light transmittance of the porcelain. As an advantage, its cost is very reasonable.

  • Implants:

For Hollywood Smile, missing teeth can replace with an implant. In this case, implant treatment comes into play. It is of great importance to eliminate tooth loss to obtain an aesthetic and symmetrical tooth appearance. Sometimes the missing tooth can be removed with the bridge treatment method without implantation.

  • Bleaching and Whitening:

White teeth are essential for the ideal smile design. Teeth whitening is applied with the method determined by the dentist.

Hollywood Smile smile design provides you with aesthetic, symmetrical, white teeth and healthy gums. It is our responsibility to make you smile.