What is Working Hours Feature?

The "Working Hours Feature" lets users define working hours for current and past working periods. Users can define working hours for a point or multiple points with the help of the point selector feature.


  • Energy, facility and budget managers can easily define and change working/special periods and hours.
  • Users can easily track their consumption and cost distributions during the working/non-working periods.

Data Inputs

  • Start and end date of a working period
  • Working days
  • Open and close hours of working days
  • Date of a special day/holiday
  • Open and closed hours of a special day

Features and Functions

  • Define working periods for a single point
  • Define working periods for multiple points by using point tags
  • Filter undefined measurement points
  • Filter undefined-subtags related measurement points
  • Define holidays and special days
  • Download your data in .xlsx format

Use Cases

USE CASE #1: It lets the user define current and past working periods and operating hours. Users can define working days and open/close hours of working days for a single measurement point or multiple measurement points.
USE CASE #2: It provides the user with a way to define holidays and special days. Users can also define holidays or special days where working hours differ from current ones.

Export Data

Users can export the defined current and past working periods and special days data as an Excel File.

To export the data, they imply to see the Excel icon in the upper right corner of the Working Hours tab, and by clicking this icon, data will be downloaded.