Add New Operating Hours

Step 1: Click user account settings and select the admin panel section.

Step 2: Click the operations tab

Step 3: Click on the new operating hours button where on the right side of the page

Step 4: In this step, the user can select a single point by using the point list.

Multiple Points Selection

Defining operation time for the first time

If a user wants to define the same period for multiple points, the user should use point tags. Users can define the same multiple operating periods for undefined points by using the “undefined points” tag. If a user wants to list points where there have not been any defined operating periods in ATM points, the user should select ATM points and undefined points tags, respectively.

Defining a new period for buildings with previously defined working hours

While defining a new period, users can use the “Add All” feature. The “Add All” feature enables users to define the same new period for multiple points where the current and previous operating hours are the same. By using the Add All feature, users can select/deselect points from the list.

Step 5: After selecting a point or points, the user should specify the start date by using the calendar.

Step 6: After specifying the start date of a period, the user should select the working days by clicking on the listed weekdays.

Step 7: The user should specify the opening and closing hours for selected working days by clicking on the blank boxes. In this step, the user can copy the opening and closing hours that are defined for a weekday for all selected working days by using the “Copy to All” feature.

Step 8: The user can see the added current period under the operating hours tab after clicking on the save button.

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