Alarm Settings automatically notify the user based on certain conditions. heir consumptions. The alarm settings, allow teams to spend more time to take action on energy conservation issues, and less time in processing and monitoring. In short, the Rule Engine turns raw energy data into processed actionable intelligence data.


  • Automize the manual tracking operations and reduce human errors.
  • Detect your abnormalities in any data (consumption, production, occupancy …etc)
  • Notify power quality problems to  prevent equipment malfunction
  • Engage your employees into behavioral energy-saving actions
  • Prevent energy waste in operating and non-operating hours with real-time tracking
  • Keep the reactive consumption under control to prevent possible reactive penalties
  • Monitor critical equipment' status and operation to ensure a reliable process.  ( UPS, generator, etc.)

Alarm Categories:

  • Threshold (Alert under or above a specific threshold.)
  • Power Quality ( Alert under and/or above specific conditions for power quality.)
  • Reactive Power ( Alert when reactive consumption exceeds or approach penalty limit.)

Data Source & Resolution:

  • According to the alarm category, data source and resolution can change.

Features and Functions:


  • Define the customized alert conditio

  • Assign user and measurement point to the alarm

  • Filtering measurement points according to tags

  • Choose notification type and frequency.

  • Manage created alarms

  • Change alarm in both directions active to passive or visa versa.

    Figure 1. Reactive Power

    Figure 2. Threshold Alarm

    Figure 3. Power Quality Alarm