Consumption Benchmarking by Time Period module provides visualization about aggregated energy consumption on various time periods such as operating hours, non-operating hours, night/day/peak tariff periods, etc. in a portfolio. In addition to visualization, this module informs and motivates the user for performance improvement and tariff management.


  • Improve decision-making of which time period to focus energy-saving measures
  • Benchmark your sites and identify outliers and poor performers
  • Visualize your data over any time period you can choose
  • Engage your employees in behavioral energy-saving actions
  • Allows you to understand your energy profile and select your tariff by Time-Of-Use(TOU) periods

Data Sources:

  • Electricity Consumption (kWh, TEP)
  • Water Consumption (m3)
  • Gas Consumption (kWh, m3)

Features and Functions:

  • Filtering measurement points according to tags
  • Visualize your data via a table or stacked bar chart
  • Benchmarks energy use and their ratios for multiple sites, meters, submeters, or any other measurement points in various time periods
  • Download your data in .xlsx format
  • Analyze data based on various time periods (operating hours, non-operating hours, night/day/peak tariff periods, weekdays, weekends …etc)