Consumption Change by Reference shows the ratio of the current consumption with respect to the reference chosen. This feature can be used in any time period you can use.


  • Analyze your increase or decrease of consumption data.
  • See all consumption values with respect to a reference that you can choose.
  • Compare your different location deviation ratios and take action depending on this comparison.
  • Engage your employees to your saving actions.
  • Determine your time period that you want to see the deviation.

Data Sources:

  • Electricity consumption (kWh)
  • Water consumption (m3)
  • Gas consumption (m3)

Data Resolution:

  • For any period you can choose, total consumption is calculated.

Features and Functions:

  • Export the tabular form of your consumption comarison for all locations seperately, as .xlms file.
  • Visualize your exported data to analyze.
  • Choose location & time period & reference to get which data you need.