The Consumption Target Tracker module calculates the expected energy consumptions and costs, compares these values with the targeted values, and shows the user the deviation for the selected period and points.


  • Calculates the expected energy (electricity, water, gas, generator fuel, or utility meter) consumption and cost at the end of the month or year
  • Compares the predefined energy usage target with the expected energy usage at the end of the month or year and calculates the per cent (%) deviation from the target
  • Benchmarks per cent (%) deviations of multiple locations, meters, and sub-meters from their end-of-the-month/year target.

Data Sources:

  • Electricity Consumption (kWh)
  • Water Consumption (m3)
  • Deviation (kWh / m3 / %)

Data Resolution:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Features and Functions:

  • Add Consumption Target Tracker Module

  • Customise Time Periods

  • Select the Point

  • Select Display Style (Bullet Chart, Table)

  • Select Target Type (Electricity Consumption Target, Electricity Cost Target, Water Consumption Target, etc.)