• The Energy Use Groups Breakdown groups the total consumption or electricity cost datas according to the selected consumption group.
  • Energy Use Groups Breakdown allows analysis of energy consumption and costs by categorizing them on the basis of groups.

Figure 1: Bar Chart Energy Use Groups Breakdown Widget

Figure 2: Doughnut Chart Energy Use Groups Breakdown Widget



  • Identify significant energy use areas
  • Improve decision making of where to focus energy saving measures
  • Identify energy cost drivers

Data List:

  • Electricity Consumption (kWh)
  • Electricity Cost (₺)

Features and Functions:

  • Filtering measurement points according to tags
  • Visualize your data of a single or multiple measurement points
  • Presented on a cost basis
  • Shows energy use distribution
  • Analyze multiple energy use breakdowns
  • Calculate energy consumption deviation from previous time period

Figure 3: Back of Energy Use Groups Breakdown Widget