Generator Portfolio Status (GPS) module allows the users to monitor all of generator assets' collected data in one table, with respect to data collection frequency. In addition, it allows customers to sort the assets list regarding to selected parameters and summarize the whole portfolio status in four main topics (status, fuel level, warning, alarm).


  • GPS module helps businesses to monitor generator portfolio and supports uninterrupted energy supply for facilities by reflecting critical data that affects generator functions.
  • Users' actions are accelerated by GPS module's abilities such as detecting and notifying abnormal situations which are specified by Users' requirements.
  • All the data of the GPS module can be exported as a .xlsx file, to enable and support Users' analyzing and reporting processes.
  • GPS module collects the data of generators' control unit.

Data List:

  • Grid Status (On/Off)
  • Generator Status (Waiting, Running)
  • Generator Mode (Unknown, Test, Manual, Auto, Stop)
  • Fuel Level (%)
  • Generator Voltage (V)
  • Generator Frequency (Hz)
  • Grid Frequency (Hz)
  • Engine Temperature (°C)
  • Grid Voltage (V)
  • Oil Pressure (bar)
  • Oil Temperature (°C)
  • Motor Speed (rpm)
  • Battery Voltage (V)
  • Generator Power (kW)
  • Days to Service (days)
  • Last Read Date (

Data Frequency:

1 min (ideal frequency)
3 min
5 min
15 min
30 min
Hourly (possible but not preferred)
Daily (possible but not preferred)

Features and Functions:

  • Sorting the asset regarding parameters,
  • Customization of parameters in the module according to Users' preferences,
  • Export your data in .xlsx format,
  • Filtering the assets with respect to tags defined by User