Reactive Panel Monitoring will enable facility managers to track the current status of their compensation panel. They are able to track panel step info in one module. With this feature, facility managers will be aware of the current status of the compensator steps. Besides, potential problems can be detected since this tool presents the current status of each step in the panel.  


  • Summarizes all the details of your compensation panel in a single panel
  • Helps you track health status in real-time and historically.
  • Provides a chance to intervene before the system failure by showing the stages close to deterioration with the indicators
  • The time-dependent change of step powers can be followed by the date selection.


Data List:

  • Current Transformation Rate
  • Cosphi of each phase
  • Cabinet temperature
  • Step on/off status
  • Step switching time
  • Step switching status
  • Step Current Power (each phase separately)
  • Step Health (Calculated with created health indicators)
  • Step Number

Features and Functions:

  • Filtering measurement points according to tags
  • Monitors the health status of each level in your compensation panel with the created health indicators.
  • Monitor actual Cosphi and Cabinet Temperature
  • Tracks step health with created health indicators. (See also Step Health Indicator at FRD) 
  • A moment in the past time can be selected from the date selection panel. Thus, it is possible to compare the past with the present.
  • The status of whether the stages are active or not is given. So it's on. levels can be followed.
  • After the calculation, the levels are colored according to the health status. Thus, it is possible to follow the risky stages.