Alarm settings automatically notify the user based on the alarm type and the conditions specified.

In alarm settings, there are threshold, power quality and reactive power alerts. It allows users to create reactive power alerts with customization options.

With this alert, users are able to create their own alarm scenarios in line with their requirements.

Alerts Management Scree

Create Screen for Reactive Power Alert


Energy, facility and budget managers can easily create reactive power alerts to;

  • track reactive consumption state
  • keep the reactive consumption under control to prevent possible reactive penalties
  • automize the manual tracking operations and reduce human errors
  • notify power consumption problems in different frequencies via e-mail

Data Inputs:

  • Control period
  • Time breakdown for specified control period (ex: T1,T2,T3, operating, non-operating, weekdays, weekend etc.)
  • Inductive and capacitive limits
  • A point/points selection
  • Notify recipients and notify frequency

Features and Functions:

  • Ability to define alert title
  • Ability to set different alert scenarios according to control period and timebreakdown options, and the inductive and capacitive limits.
  • Ability to create an alert for multiple locations
  • Ability to notify multiple e-mail recipients in different frequencies (ex: once, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Ability to enable/disable the created alert

Use Cases:

USE CASE #1: Warning users to notify the reactive consumption is close to the reactive penalty limitsUsers can create an alert scenario to take actions for preventing possible reactive penalties by specifiying threshold limits for inductive and capacitive power consumptions. Users can be notified by e-mail.
USE CASE #2: **Notify users when the regulatory reactive consumption limits are exceeded.**Users can also be notified in different frequencies when the reactive consumption levels are exceeded.


How does it work?

Create Reactive Power Alert

  • Step 1: Click “Create New Alert” button under the Alarm tab.

  • Step 2: After the reactive power alert type selection, type the alert title.

  • Step 3: At the alert scenario settings, specify the control period, control duration and the limits for inductive and capacitive consumptions.

Note: Limits are specified as a percentage. Ex: Inductive limit (%)=Inductive power consumption sum/active power consumption sum

  • Step 4: Specify a point/multiple points by using the points dropdown box
  • Step 5: Specify the necessary users to notify by e-mail by using the “Recipients” dropdown box.
  • Step 6: Specify the notification frequency(once,daily,weekly,monthly) by using the “when” dropdown box.

Note: If users want to disable/inactive the created/enabled reactive power alert, users can uncheck the box on the right-upper site of the page.