The Total Consumption demonstrates the total consumption values of certain data types in selected time interval. In addition, it compares consumption with the preceding year and allows its increase or decrease to be monitored as a percentage value.

(1) Front Side of the Module (2) Settings Side of the Module


  • See your consumption data and improve your sustainability reports.
  • Compare your consumption with corresponding time in last years in terms of energy and cost
  • Choose any time iterval to compare your data with.
  • Compare your total consumotion by selecting locations.
  • Take action depending on your data.
  • Analyze the results of your actions to save your energy and budget.
  • Determine your growth in terms of consumption increase.

Data List:

  • Electricity Consumption (kWh, toe, ton CO2e, kcal)
  • Water (m3)
  • Natural Gas (kWh, toe, m3, kcal, ton CO2e)
  • Coal (Ton, kWh, toe, kcal, ton CO2e)
  • Steam (kg, Ton)
  • Total Consumption(Electricity, Natural Gas) (kWh)
  • Generator Fuel (lt)
  • LPG (m3, kWh, toe, ton CO2e, kcal)
  • Air (m3)
  • Propane (kg, kWh, toe, ton CO2e, kcal)

Data Frequency:

15 min
30 min

Features and Functions:

  • Visualize your consumption
  • Select time interval and locations.
  • See total consumption in terms of energy or its cost
  • The cost are defined according to your tariff
  • Compare your consumption and tariff efficiency