There are three types of Users in the Reengen Energy Platform: Active Users, Disabled Users, and Pending Users.

  • Active Users: Users who can access the platform and use forms.
  • Disabled Users: Disabled users cannot access the platform or use the forms.
  • Pending Invitations: Users who were invited but still need to accept the invitation appear here. Once the invitation is accepted, the user appears in the Active User section. If the invitation is not accepted, the invitation will be automatically deleted within one month.

There is a section in the Admin Panel where user groups can be managed. You can follow the steps below to access the User Management section:

  • Step 1: Click the Admin Panel from the My Account dropdown menu on the left.
  • Step 2: Go to the User Management section. From here, you can do all User Management operations.

The Active User Page greets you when the User Management section is clicked. The Disabled User Page and Pending Invitations Page is next to the Active User Page.

All Active Users are sorted on the Active User Page by User Name. On the Active User Page, features such as Department / Job Title, Roles, Points, Signup Date, and Last Login Date are seen.

The Roles and Points are defined when inviting a User to appear on the Active User Page screen. It can request a new user by clicking the '+ Invite User' button on the right. To ask a new user, connect this article: How to Invite a Colleague and Add a New User?

All Active User information can be downloaded as an Excel file by clicking the File symbol next to the '+ Invite User' button.

The search operation can be done by typing keywords using the filter feature on the page's top left.