In Faradai Energy, Users can do the authorisations given by the Admin. A separate appointment can be made for each user.

There is a section that users on the Admin Panel can authorise. To reach this section, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click the Admin Panel from the My Account dropdown menu on the left.

Step 2: Go to the Permissions section. From here, you can do all User Permissions operations.

All previously created user roles appear here. You can see the roles permissions and the users with this role by clicking on one of the registered roles.

Admin can authorise permissions. Admin's Permissions cannot be changed.

There are three types of permissions: Module, Dashboards, and General. You can see all Permissions.

Permissions List:

  1. Module Permissions:
  • Add new module

  • Delete module

  • Edit module configurations

  • Change module date

  • Change module positio


  • Dashboards Permissions:

  • Create new dashboard

  • Delete dashboard

  • Rename dashboard

  • Change dashboard order

  • Share dashboard

  • Change all dates

  • Change all points


  • General Permissions:

  • Toggle slideshow

  • Download as Excel

  • Bill entering with Excel

  • Change language

  • Acknowledge alarm

  • Add note

  • Can access alert management

  • Can see all points

  • Edit mobile pages