What is a Threshold Alert?

There is an Alarm Section in the Admin Panel of the Faradai Energy. Alerts, automatically notify the user based on the alarm type and specified conditions. With Threshold Alert, users have notifications when their data goes above or below a certain threshold in a specific time frame. 

Benefits of Threshold Alert

  • Energy, facility, and budget managers can track their electricity, water, or natural gas consumption in real-time or get notifications about asset conditions such as generator fuel level, indoor air temperature, etc.
  • With this feature, human errors reduce and reaction time can be improved by automizing the manual tracking operations
  • With the Threshold alarm, abnormal consumption can be noticed quickly and action can be taken and possible overconsumption can be prevented.
  • How and by which method users are informed can be set flexibly. For example, notifications can be received via e-mail or mobile application once a problem occurs, or at different frequencies, such as every hour or every 15 minutes during the alarm.