What is a Reactive Power Alert?

There is an Alarm Section in the Admin Panel of Faradai Energy. Alerts, automatically notify the user based on the alarm type and specified conditions.

With Reactive Power Alert, users have notifications about inductive or capacitive limit excesses to prevent reactive penalty costs.

Benefits of Reactive Power Alert

  • With Reactive Power Alert, facility managers no longer have to track their reactive consumption manually.
  • The reactive power alert tracks reactive power limits in real-time and sends notifications to facility managers in case of any limit excess.
  • The facility managers are able to set their exceeding and warning limits for both capacitive and inductive limits.
  • Billing periods and any kind of time interval may be assigned and tracked. For instance, the user may create a control loop for the last 10 days of the billing period, weekly or daily reactive consumption. In this way, any abnormal consumption or problem can be detected with multi-control loops.
  • Notification frequencies and notification formats can be adjusted. Users can get a daily/weekly/monthly report about all portfolio statuses or they can receive notifications about specific locations.