Faradai Energy works with points. Points/Locations are the units the platform uses to organize the inserted data and display it in a defined way. A location might represent a city, a factory, a branch, a building, a floor, or an apartment... The user can choose what precisely a location means to them.

Points must be organized in a hierarchy, where each element will be linked to a so-called parent. After creating elements, they will be seen as hierarchical in the platform.

With the Point Management module, you can adjust your points and create a new ones.

There are three types of elements inside the hierarchy:

  • Location/Building: The highest component of the hierarchy, maybe Location or building. It represents the Point.
  • Sub-location/Building part: This element is under the Location/Building in the hierarchy and works dependent on Location or Building.
  • Asset: Assets are parts of the system. Assets may be devices that consume or produce energy, such as air conditioning, a heater system, or a generator.

What is the Point's Hierarchy?

Hierarchy is essential for the points you use. For each Point, your order will contain a different number of items. This means you have to apply different strategies for each Point.

If you are interested, you can go to this article to learn about Point Hierarchy in detail.

Configuring Point Management

Refer to this article to configure the generated points and toggle them closed or open Configuring Point Management.

The Location must be defined as the parentLocation in the 'Create New' element tab to create a new point element. After determining a Location, other points elements can be made below the parentLocation.

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