Point's elements work with a hierarchy in Faradai Energy. Location/Building is the highest element in the hierarchy.

The hierarchy offers order to adjust your points quickly. To get information about Point Management, read this article: Point/Locations Management.

Elements of Hierarchy

There are three types of elements inside the hierarchy:

  • Location/Building: The highest component of the hierarchy, maybe location or building. It represents the point.
  • Sub-location/Building part: This element is under the Location/Building hierarchy and works dependent on Location or Building
  • Asset: Assets are parts of the system. Assets may be devices that consume or produce energy, such as air conditioning, a heater system, or a generator.

Golden rules about the hierarchy

  • Each point can be associated with only one Location or Building.
  • There cannot be another Location/Building below the Location/Building.
  • Location/Building must be building type.
  • Sub-location/Building parts or Assets can only be used with Location/Building.
  • Location/Building is the parentLocation in this platform. Under the parentlocation, the Sub-location/Building part or Assets can be created.
  • Sub-location/Building part can be used under another Sub-location/Building part.
  • Sub-location/Building part must be Floor type.
  • Assets can be added below the Location/Building or Sub-location/Building part.
  • There can be other Assets below the Assets.

Note: For better understanding, it can be thought of as:

  • You have an office in Istanbul. This office represents a location.
  • There are five floors in this office. Floors represent the Sub-location.
  • There are small kitchens on the floors of the office. These kitchens represent the Sub-Sublocation.
  • Each floor and kitchen have air conditioning and a heater. These represent the Assets. Assets can be applied to both Sub-location and Sub-Sublocation.

Heritage of Hierarchy

The heritage concept is the most important golden rule and should be the main reason to define how you will organise your hierarchy of Points.

If you assign a Location to a Point, the Sub-locations and Assets below will inherit the location set to that point.

The heritage concept will be applied in all the configuration and visualisation menus. All sub-elements will appear in visualise. You can click on the 'Hierarchy Tree to access this visualisation.

To get information about Hierarchy Tree and ConfiguringPoint Management, you can visit this article: Configuring Point Management.

Hierarchy Tree