Faradai Energy works with points. Points are the units the platform uses to organise the inserted data and display it in a defined way. A location might represent a city, a factory, a branch, a building, a floor, or an apartment...

If you want to learn more about Point Management, read this article: What is Point Management?

Faradai Energy presents opportunities to configure Points.

  • Firstly, you should go to the Locations section from the Admin Panel.

  • Then, you can just select the location you want to configure from the left panel.

Location/Building is the best essential element of all. When you create the new Location/Building element, your location is seen on the left panel with other Locations.

You can reach the Location Configuring Tab by clicking the location you want from the left panel. The Location Configuring Tab shows the Location's Total Area and the Location on the world map.

Sub-locations and Assets information are seen under the Total Area and World Map. This information includes Type and Area.

You can reach to Hierarchy Tree while clicking the button below the world map.

To learn more about Point Management Hierarchy, you can visit this article: Point Management Hierarchy. 

Location Configuring Tab has an Edit page**.** The Location can be edited by clicking the Edit button in the upper right. Check out the Edit Location article.

Closed/Open Location

There are two types of Location situations in the Energy Intelligence Platform—current and Closed Locations.

Apply the steps below to control the Closed/Open Location option.

  • Firstly, click the Edit tab in the Location Configuring Tab of the selected Location.

  • Then, the Closed/Open Location bar is under the tags box. By using this bar, this option can be controlled.

  • Please don't forget to click the Update button.

Note: The Closed/Open option is just for the Location element.