What is a Power Quality Alert?

There is an alarm section in the admin panel of Faradai Energy.

Alerts automatically notify the user based on the alarm type and specified conditions.

With the Power Quality Alert, users are advised of a power quality problem with different critical data such as grid voltage, active power, etc.

Advantages of Power Quality Alert

  • In facilities, there are numerous power quality parameters to monitor. The Power Quality Alert enables facility managers to understand whether there is less or more data than the desired value in many areas, such as primary voltage, central frequency, main voltage THD, max or min cos phi, and active power. With these automated control loops, facility managers may be assured that the power quality is within the power quality standards.
  • The Power Quality alarm detects unwanted situations like grid voltage or frequency drops in real-time.
  • Manual monitoring processes are automated, and human errors are reduced.
  • The power quality parameters selected with the tool are calculated in line with the EN50160 standard.
  • Desired features can be assigned to chosen branches and persons.
  • How and by which method users are informed can be set flexibly. For example, notifications can be received via e-mail or a mobile application once a problem occurs or at different frequencies, such as every hour or every 15 minutes during the alarm.