The "Best N Worst N Card" module sorts the desired number of points according to the specified parameters as the best or the worst.

These parameters can show the best spots when offices operate during working hours.


  • Track the status of your points.
  • Monitor real-time target status showing states and parameters.
  • See an aggregated view of the most and least successful locations sorted by various parameters.

Data Sources

  • Real-time target consumption data
  • Real-time time breakdown data
  • Real-time category breakdown data

Features and Functions

  • Filter measuring points by point labels.
  • It can be determined how many of the best or worst targets will be seen using the Ranking type and the Ranking Amount features.
  • Visualise your data for single or multiple measurement points.
  • Targets can be sorted by: “Target Consumption”, “Time Breakdown”, or "Category Breakdown."