There are modules in Faradai Energy where you can visualise your data.

In the previous versions of Faradai Energy, these modules were displayed on the dashboards, but when there were too many, appearance and usage became very difficult.

Page and Folder structure was developed to solve this problem:

Modules are now displayed on Pages. Pages are also listed under Folders.

With the Page and Folder structure, users can now create pages according to dashboard purposes and place them under related folders.

For example, it can create a portfolio folder for portfolio management. It can also create a separate page for modules like benchmarks and place subjects such as invoices in a different folder.

Faradai Energy offers the possibility to add Pages where specific modules will appear for ease of use. You can also keep these Pages in specific Folders. You can name Pages and Folders as you wish.

  • So you can work more efficiently with modules within the platform.
  • You can better build your data-driven strategy.