When this report is requested, a list of data records with data health problems is sent to the user by e-mail. There will be various columns in the document that comes in Excel format.

  1. Click the Reports icon on the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select data quality report
  3. The report will be sent to you by e-mail.

Below you can find the information expressed by the column headings.

Title Description
Code Shows with which code the location is registered to the platform.
Location Shows which city the location is in.
Activity Shows the type of location.
Contact Shows the name of the authorized person responsible for the relevant location.
Country Shows the country that the location is in.
City Indicates which city the location is in.
Area Shows the total area of the location.
People Indicates how many people are in the location.
Source Indicates which consumption/activity type the data belongs to.
Consumption Indicates total consumption within the date range.
Cost Indicates total cost within the date range.
Period Specifies the date range in the records of the consumption and cost data of the source.
Warnings Indicates problems in consumption and/or cost data in the relevant source.
Description Users can enter the conditions that need to be specified for the relevant data record.
Last Update Indicates the date on which the data record was last updated.
Last Editor Indicates who last updated the data record.

The report will only contain data within the date ranges you selected on the platform.