Global Target allows you to collectively define targets for all locations defined for the data type you choose. Steps for adding a global target:

  • Step 1: Select your profile photo from the top right of the screen and then click on the "Admin Panel" button from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 2: Next select the “Global Targets” section.
  • Step 3: Click plus sign from the opened page and fill in the necessary sections.
  • Step 4: You should click the tick sign without leaving the page to save the target.

Title Description
Data Type Specifies the data type for which the target is defined.
Base Year It shows the year referenced within the scope of the target.
Target Year It indicates which year from the base year the target should be achieved.
Goal Type It indicates the goal (increase, decrease, no change) of the target.
Targeted (%) It shows how much increase/decrease target is set in the selected data type compared to the base year. The target value will appear as 0 when “No Change" is selected.
Location It shows the locations where Global Target will be defined.

While defining Global Target, it can be defined to all locations, but if the defined source exists in a location, then the defined global target appears on the Targets page.