In the Audit Actions Tracking Report, you can examine the states of corrective/improving action plans defined for the location during internal audits.

Below you can find the information expressed by the column headings.

Title Description
Activity Indicates which type of activity the location belongs to.
Code Shows with which code the location is registered to the platform.
Location Shows which city the location is in.
Location Status Shows the open/closed status of the location.
City Indicates which city the location is in.
Country Shows the country that the location is in.
Audit Date Indicates the audit date.
Ticket Type Shows the improving/corrective actions type.
Status Shows the open/closed action status.
Action Plan Indicates the action plan.
Nonconformance Type Indicates the description of nonconformance.
Root Cause Analysis Shows the root cause analysis.
Expected Date Indicates the estimated completion date.
Extended Date Indicates the extended date.
Completed Date Indicates the completed date.

Downloading Audit Actions Tracking Report

  • Step 1: Click the Reports icon on the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Step 2: In the dropdown menu, select Audit Actions Tracking Report.
  • Step 3: A small selection panel will appear, from here select the report format you want to download as a yearly report.
  • Step 4: After clicking, the report file download process starts. The file is automatically downloaded to your computer.