Creating a framework enables standardised and credible ESG reporting, promoting consistency and comparability across companies.

Step 1: Go to the bar displayed on the left side of the page where available tools are listed, and click the FRAMEWORK LIBRARY tab.

Step 2: Click the "Add New Framework" button in the page's upper right-hand corner to create a framework.

Step 3: Create your general information by adding an extended name framework, a short name framework, and a description depending on your information. By clicking on the camera icon, you can add a logo. You can see your final framework template and save it by clicking the following button.

Step 4:  To add a question, select the pillar type and category that best fits your needs. Then, from the right side, you can choose your question type. To attach a file, click on the attach file for guidance button and select your file from the pop-up. The file will be uploaded automatically.

Step 5: From the buttons at the right of the page, you can add questions with the first button and more text areas for your question with the second button. You can add categories and pillars by clicking the third and fourth buttons without going to the previous page.

Step 6: From the left side, you can see your created categories and see the details by clicking on them.

Step 7: As a final step, by clicking on the next button, which is on the bottom right side of the page, you can see your final template and save it.