On the analysis page, you can create charts by grouping metrics, and it is possible to create multiple groups. When you wish to analyse your data in either a time series or distribution format, you'll encounter the options for group and metric. By proceeding with selecting a group, you'll need to choose either the "Stack Chart" or "Horizontal Stack Chart" as the chart type. You can create your metric group after providing the widget name and description.

  • Creating Metric Group: Start by clicking on "Group 1" and inputting the desired name for your group. Your group structure will be shaped by selecting the appropriate pillar, category, and metrics.
  • Adding More Groups: If you require additional groups, you can conveniently achieve this by clicking "Create a Metric Group." Repeat the process you followed earlier to add more groups with their respective pillar, category, and metric selections.

After organising your groups and choosing units and the latest reporting period, you're ready to add your chart.