The standards-compliant GHG Report generator is a pivotal feature of our software, designed to seamlessly generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reports that are compliant with globally recognized GHG reporting standards.

The software comes pre-loaded with a report template that aligns with major GHG reporting frameworks like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064. The template is structured to ensure that all mandatory fields and categories required by the specific framework are included.

Assured Compliance: With pre-configured templates, the software ensures that your GHG emissions reports adhere to the specifications of recognized frameworks.

Time and Resource Efficiency: The automation reduces the time and resources traditionally required for GHG report generation.

Audit-Ready Assurance: The report template is constructed with an audit in mind, ensuring all the data, calculations, and metrics are transparent, traceable, and ready for any potential external review, further establishing your organization's commitment to transparency and credibility.

It is used to report the total amount of emissions based on data types in different emission groups based on activity/country/all locations in the selected date range. It also gives the total area number of employees and the total emission amount based on scope.

Downloading Report

  • Step 1: Click the Reports icon at the left on the navigation bar.​
  • Step 2: Select the GHG Protocol Emission Report.​
  • Step 3: Select the year you want to create a report for
  • Step 4: Choose "All Locations" to get a report for the whole organisation or select one specific location.
  • Step 5: Press the "Generate Report" button once selections are complete. The report will be downloaded to your computer in PDF format.​

The user can generate reports for all locations where authorized.​