You can create operators and supervisors for a cloud call center and set up a virtual extension for your analog devices and SIP trunk connections. You can also create as many extensions as you want, give a virtual number to each member in your team, and manage your inter-team communication by using Infoset as a cloud switchboard.

You should create a VoIP user for each extension, operator, supervisor, and virtual extension on Infoset. To create a VoIP user:

  1. Go to Settings > Call Center Settings
  2. Select the VoIP Users menu from the left and click Add New
  3. On the screen that opens, after making the settings in all tabs as described below, click Save

Owner: User to which the VoIP user is connected. Each Infoset user can have multiple VoIP users and therefore multiple extensions (e.g. 2 extensions such as 1005, 1006 can be managed by a single user).
User Type: Agent (a user who is included in your call center and can join queues and make external calls), Supervisor (can monitor and include operators' calls in addition to operator features), Extension (an internal user in your switchboard), Virtual (SIP trunk It may be your central line that you can manage in.
Extension: Extension number of the user. People in your team will dial this number to reach this person.
VoIP Username / Password: Login information that you'll provide in your softphone software (eg Zoiper, 3CX, SessionTalk) to receive and make calls with this user. It is recommended to use your extension number as your username for convenience.

After saving the user, you can log in to Infoset with any softphone software and receive and initiate calls.

If you wish, you can specify the audio decoders to be used in the calls from the Codec tab and the order of use, activate various settings from the General Settings tab, and set where the calls will be forwarded in certain situations (e.g. if busy, not active) from the Routing Definitions tab.

Login to Infoset with a VoIP user

To log in to Infoset with a VoIP user you have created, you need to install a softphone software on your computer or smartphone. Through this software, you can log in to Infoset with the username and password you set for your VoIP user and start making calls.

Recommended softphones for different operating systems:
iOS: Sessiontalk Softphone (free)
Android: Sessiontalk Softphone (free)
Windows: XLite (free), Zoiper (paid)
macOS: Zoiper (paid), Bria (paid), Telephone (free)

When you download any application, you can log in to Infoset with the following information:

Port: 8860 (if the application does not ask for port specifically, you must enter "" in the domain field)
Username & Password: VoIP username and password you want to connect to. When entering your username, you must also enter the "....A" prefix, so your username should look like 1234A1234.

Sample settings for the Telephone app on macOS:

Sample settings for the SessionTalk app on iOS:

After logging in, you can call external numbers or your extensions from this softphone software and start using the Infoset call center system. Call logs and voice recordings of all calls will be kept on Infoset. You can access your call logs and voice recordings from the Call Center > Call History page on Infoset.

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