Perhaps the most important thing in a call center is the call queuing system. In Infoset, you can create as many call queues as you want and assign your operators to them to queue incoming calls and transfer them to your operators in a certain order.

To create a call center queue:

  1. Go to Settings > Call Center Settings
  2. Select the Queues menu from the left and click Add New
  3. On the screen that opens, after making the settings in all tabs as described below, click Save

You can transfer calls to this queue by using the virtual extension number (eg 5000) you will give to the queue in the IVR or dial plan definitions.

You can make settings such as which agents are included in this queue, call distribution type (e.g. fixed order, round-robin, agent talk time), ring times, the virtual number to be transferred when there is no answer, etc.If you want, you can selecta queue waiting-music you uploaded from Settings > Call Center Settings > Announcement Files.

Next Steps