With Infoset, you can easily create a help center (aka helpdesk), customize it to fit your brand, and share articles for your users or customers.

Also, you can integrate this help center into your Infoset live chat system and offer your customers a self-service support option. This way you can ease the burden on your support teams by helping your users find answers to their frequently asked questions.

To create a help center and customize it to suit your brand, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Help Center Settings
  2. Set up the basic settings of your help center from the Basic Settings tab. Articles you share will be published under the page you set in the Default Help Center Url input (e.g. infoset.help/acme-inc). Click Save when you're done.

    Note: If you want to host your help center on your own domain (e.g. help.yourcompany.com), follow the steps in this article.

  3. From the Language tab, you can enter the titles and subtitles for your help center in multiple languages, and select your default help center language. Click Save when you're done.
  4. You can adjust the color and visual settings of your help center from the Theme tab. Click Save when you're done.
  5. You can set the social media links of your company from the Social Media tab. These links will be visible in the footer of your help center. Click Save when you're done.
  6. You can integrate your help center with many 3rd-party services from the Integrations tab. We support Google Analytics, Segment, Amplitude, Fathom, Momently, Disqus, Commento, and many more services.
    After setting everything up and saving the settings in all tabs, you will be able to access your help center from the Default Help Center Url link that you set in the Basic Settings tab.

Next steps

  1. Create article collections
  2. Write an article and publish
  3. Integrate your help center into your chat widget
  4. Integrate your help center with other services
  5. Track article statistics