Automations allow you to automatically take the action you want for certain events, under certain conditions. With Infoset's flexible and powerful automation system, you can automate the mundane tasks that you have to do constantly and spend your time on more important tasks. For example;

  • You can automatically prioritize your support requests and assign them to the correct people.
  • When your deals reach a certain stage, you can automatically send emails to certain people.
  • When your data is updated, you can synchronize it with your own services.

To create an automation:

  • Go to Settings > General Settings
  • Select the Automations menu on the left and click New Automation
  • Give your automation a name (Automation Name) and enter an additional Description if you wish, so later you'll know what this automation is for
  • Make the Item and Event selections; for example, if you select Ticket as the item and Created as the event, you can create an automation that will run on ticket creation.
  • Add as many conditions as you want in the Conditions section to set the conditions for this automation. For example; by selecting the Subject / contains condition and entering a subject, you can make this automation run for tickets with a subject containing certain words. You can link multiple conditions with logical operators such as AND / OR and create complex automation rules.
  • Under Actions, add the actions you want to automate. For example; with the Add category action, you can select a category and automatically add a category to your ticket. You can automatically send an email with the Send email action. You can add as many automation actions as you want.
  • If you wish, you can choose the hours that this automation will run from the Working Hours selection box. In addition, you can set a Priority to your automation; when more than one automation will run for an event, high priority automations are run first.
  • After making all your settings, click Save to save your automation.

Here is an example automation that automatically prioritizes tickets:

You can reduce the burden on your teams with automations and spend your time on more important tasks.