Perhaps one of the most important features of a call center is the ability to queue calls and transfer them to the most suitable operator. With Infoset, you can queue your calls by creating call center queues and distribute them to your operators by choosing the most suitable one among multiple call distribution strategies.

Here are the automatic call distribution (ACD) methods you can choose from:

1. Fixed order

This method prioritizes some agents over others by transferring the calls to agents sequentially. When a call is received, the system goes through the agent list and assigns it to the next agent in the list only if the first one is unavailable.

2. Round Robin

To ensure that all agents receive an equal number of calls, incoming calls are routed to operators in a continuous loop. The first call goes to operator A, the next to operator B, then operator C, etc.

3. Agent talk time

Other methods may leave some agents idle or cause inequality in talk times. This method routes calls to the least active operator and ensures that all operators talk equally.