Let’s do what we need to do when creating your first mobile app.

1. Sign-Up

In order to start making applications through MobiRoller, you must first subscribe to the system. In order to register, please click on the free start button at mobiroller.com to create your new account.

In the registration step, please fill the required information in the ‘Create Your Account’ section. We highly recommend that please aware of the email address is the same you just used when you log in the system email to contact us.

After inputting the information and clicking on Start Creating an App, you can start to create your app without any mail confirmation.

Let’s create our first app now. Click the Create New App button on the screen;

On the screen that appears, we write our application name. The name written here is the name of the application that will appear on the phone screen. You can change your application name again later in the panel.

First of all, We would like to mention that the designs you see here do not limit you. You can change all pictures, icons, and text in the designs. In the following articles, we will examine in detail how it is done.

You can log in approval panel which is displayed by clicking Go to Control Panel button.

We are now in the application panel where we will prepare our application. We will take all steps through this panel when we are creating our application.

In addition, you can see all the applications you have made through the My Applications button in the left menu and you can switch to the panel of the application you want.

Please follow the next article Step 2: Create Your App Content to learn how to arrange your content.