Long Beach
The beach is 555 meters long. Sunlounger and parasol are available for all guests for free. The beach is gravel & sand composed.

Cabana The price of the cabanas closest to the sea (1st row) is 300 €, the remaining cabanas are 250 €. (+2 person. 50 euro)

In the Port area, there are 25 cabanas with minibar inside. Food and beverages are served at the cabanas. In addition, fruits and ice cream are served twice a day. Reservation is required. For reservation, please contact the NGuide Desk in the lobby or the NGuide internal number 6464.

Beluga Bay
Beluga Bay is 100 meters long. Snacks and beverages are served in the Beluga Bay. If you prefer a less crowded and more peaceful place, you may spend your day at our Beluga Bay.

Secret Bay
Secret Bay is 120 meters long and is totally isolated from the other parts of the hotel. You can reach Secret Bay by boat only. Secret Bay is a +16 area.
If you prefer a less crowded, more private and peaceful place, you may spend your day at our wonderful Secret Bay.