Age Groups
-1-3 age BEST BABY CARE (BBC) can visit the Beluga Kids Club only with parents’ accompany.
-4-7 age MINI can join the Beluga Kids Club with registration.
-8-12 age MAXY
-13-17 age TEENAGE
Operating Hours Baby Club: 10.00-18.00 21.00-22.30

Kids Club: 10.00-23.00

Mini Disco: 20.30-21.00

Our Services
Baby activities and education, game rooms (free of charge)

  • Sleeping room (under parents’ control, free of charge)
  • Baby phone

  • Bbay stroller Activity Programs

1-3 years Daily Activities

Hand Craft Finger Painting Painting Contest Ring Game Pon-pon Baby Play Dough Breath Exercises
Kinetic Sand Shapes and Colors Education Origami Jenga Mini Basketball Basic Math Lesson Water Games
Baby Yoga Puzzle Mini Bowling Basic English Lesson Brain Teaser Mini basketball Baby Olympics

4-7 years daily activities
Baby Yoga Mini Basketball Art Workshop - Picasso Fun Contests Kinetic Sand Face Painting Treasure Hunt Ring Game Dodge Ball
Marbling Nature Collage Table Games Origami Wool Art Dart Master Chef Hand Craft Boccia
Mini Football Wild West Pool Games and Aquapark Jewelry Art Memory Card Mask Art Baloon Quest Play Dough Water Bombs

8-17 years daily activities
Quest Football Beach Games Table Games Pool Basketball Play Station Kangoo Jumping Boccia Water Slides
Crazy Dart Street Basketball Pool Games Water Polo Pin-pon DJ Lesson Beach Volley Water Polo Dance Lesso

Beluga Kids Club Program