This step is the last step before the production of APK. We will use this step to test the final version of your application before it becomes available. In every step you have made, you can check error control or design effectiveness by previewing each change you make.

You can preview in three different ways;

  1. Virtual Preview Device
  2. MobiRoller Preview Application
  3. Preview by Producing APK

1.Virtual Preview Device

With the virtual preview device on the right side of the MobiRoller Control Panel, you can view and test your application at any time.

However, with the virtual preview device, you can’t preview the latest features and modules. In order to preview in more detail, you must either create an APK or preview it with the MobiRoller Preview app.

2.MobiRoller Preview Application

Apart from the Virtual Device, you can download the MobiRoller Preview app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to your mobile phone and preview your mobile app on your mobile phone.

When you log in to the application, you are required to use account information when you registered Mobiroller. You can easily log in to MobiRoller Preview and test your application with your email address and password that you took when you registered to MobiRoller.

After you have logged in the system, applications will be seen on the screen. In this screen, you can select the application that you want to preview. Later on, you can make a preview of your application just as if it were on your phone.

You can download MobiRoller from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS phones.

For Android devices: Click to download from Google Play Store.

For iOS devices: Click to download from Apple App Store.

3.Preview by Producing APK

The most comprehensive preview option is to produce APK. You can test your application by downloading it to your Android device and installing it on your phone.

When you enter the application with APK there will be no restrictions. All features will be active. If there is a feature that is not working or is missing, an error has been made in the settings during application preparation.

In order to preview your app by generating APK, you can proceed to the next step, Step 5: Generate Your Android File (APK).