We’ve added the contents of your mobile applications, have been completed in design and tested the last version of the app on the preview device.

Now we can produce the app’s APK.

What is the APK File?

APK (Android Package File) is the name given to the installation file of games and programs prepared for devices with Android operating system. Applications are installed on the phone through this file. You can use the downloaded APKs without the need of Google Play Store or other markets.

How can I generate an APK file?

In order to create an APK file, click the clipboard tab in the left menu, please.

You must have completed the five steps under the Status of Your Application in order to activate the Generate APK button on the Dashboard tab. If you have followed our previous articles, you must have completed the first four steps until now.

In order to complete the last step, you need to click on it and fill in your profile information.

In order to get started in the first step, you can click our Step 1: Sign-up and create your first app article

You should enter the requested information from you on the screen and press the Save button. Afterward, the Generate APK button will be activated.

Generate APK

We’ve completed all five steps on the Dashboard tab and the Generate APK button is active now.

Click the APK Generate button for APK file.

You will see the APK Wizard. APK will provide information that guides you in your generation. For APK generation, you need to press Yes button on this screen.

The next screen is the screen that comes for your APK Package name. The APK Wizard has defined an automatic package name. If you want to change your package name, you can activate the Change Package Name box and fill in your New Package Name. For more information regarding Package Name, you can reach our concerning article as What is Package Name? 

In the next step, if you are using a free package, it will give you a warning at the last stage. MobiRoller ads appear in free packages. These ads will automatically begin appearing. There is no case affecting the use of the application.

When you press the APK Generate button at the right bottom, your APK is been getting in order in production. Your APK production takes approximately 10 minutes on average and is sent to your mail address with a download link.

Manage APK

After your APK production is completed, in the Dashboard section, the Manage APK button will be activated.

When you click the Manage PK button, a screen opens where you can manage APKs. If you have made changes in the application or if you want to update the APK version, you can update your APK by clicking Generate New APK, you can download the latest APK from PC that you have generated by clicking Download APK. You can see the APK production dates and statuses from the table showing their status below.

You can download the APK to your computer with the download button. You can transfer APK to your Android phone through E-mail, USB cable, wetransfer.com or a different file transfer method.

After transferring your APK to the device, click on it.

This screen will come up. You can start the installation by pressing the Install button on this screen.

In this screen, your application is installed. You can open your application with the Open button. Your application also comes as an icon on your phone. You can start using it.

After you have completed APK generation and installation on the device, you can submit a notification by reviewing Step 6: Send Push Notification.